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A Course of Study

To those of us who participate in the Buddhist Coalition for Bodhisattva Activity, it is apparent that the Bodhisattva path is best realized through action. After exploring the situation in a number of sanghas, we discovered that, although this path was being taught, it was usually not studied in great depth. The importance of this ideal was not emphasized. What better way to realize the successive stages of the path than to provide service to others.

Coalition sangha representatives and volunteers expressed a need for support. They wanted a way to approach their social engagement as meditation practice. They asked for this in order to give direction to their service to others and as a way to process their experiences. This curriculum was developed as an aid to exploring the basic definition, history, and conduct of the bodhisattva. It consists of excerpts from different texts and a collection of practices from various Buddhist traditions.

The curriculum is continually evolving. It is a work in progress. Our objective is to make it available to member sanghas for study and to use it for enriching the volunteer experience.

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by Dr. Radut.