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Yeshe Khorlo Boulder Center - YKBC

Name Yeshe Khorlo - Boulder Center (YKBC)
Teacher Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche
Website www.yeshekhorlo.org
Contact Info
Name Sonam Dorjee
Title Co-Director
Phone 303-653-2020 or 303-800-6438
Email ykbc@yeshekhorlo.org
Physical Address of Center
Street Address 732 Glenhaven Ct.
City Boulder
State CO
Zip 80303
Mailing Address
Street Address 732 Glenhaven Ct.
City Boulder
State CO
Zip 80303
General Info
Associated Retreat Center
Yeshe Khorlo Choying Dzong - Crestone, CO
Lineage Information
Born amidst auspicious signs in 1450, in Bhutan's Bumthang Valley, Pema Lingpa was a descendent of tantric practitioners of the Nyingma Lineage. As a child he had a commanding demeanor and chose his course early. Learning was effortless, whether reading and writing or ironwork and carpentry. His formal religious training was not extensive, but from his early adult years onward his dreams and visions became the source from which he received instructions to extract 108 great treasures--texts and relics--throughout Bhutan and parts of Tibet and India. However, due to the karmic disposition of beings at that time, Pema Lingpa revealed only 32 of the prophesized treasures. The revealed treasures of Pema Lingpa contain the essence of all 108 treasures, which are summarized in the cycles of the three heart practices transmitted to Princess Pemasel by Guru Rinpoche (Lama Jewel Ocean, Samantabhadra's Intentions, and the Great Compassionate One).
One of Pema Lingpa's most renowned revelations happened in Bhutan at Mebartso (Burning Lake), where, with a large crowd gathered, Pema Lingpa leaped into the deep water with a burning butter lamp in his hand, later emerging with a terma in one hand and the still burning butter lamp in the other. His profuse and enlightened activities magnetized a following of ordinary folk as well as many significant political and spiritual figures of his time. He was highly regarded by all four of the principal schools of Vajrayana Buddhism. Pema Lingpa spent his life revealing the precious treasures of Guru Rinpoche; meditating in isolated locations; giving empowerments and teachings; building and restoring monasteries; and generating a tradition that endures to the present day.
Today Pema Lingpa's lineage is carried on through three lines of Body, Speech, and Mind emanations: the Gangteng, Sungtrul, and Tukse Rinpoches, all of whom currently reside in Bhutan. Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche, the founder of Yeshe Khorlo and Abbott of Gangteng Monastery, is the ninth Body incarnation of Pema Lingpa.
Organization Information
Yeshe Khorlo USA is a Colorado based religious non-profit. Established in 1995 under the direction of Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche, the mission and goal of Yeshe Khorlo is to cultivate the growth of the Buddha Dharma through three activities:
Study and teaching
Accomplishing dharma practice
Practical application through the work of helping and giving
The name Yeshe Khorlo means Wheel of Wisdom. Khorlo is the Tibetan word for dharma wheel and yeshe is the razor-sharp wisdom that cuts through all delusion and ignorance to reveal the inexpressible pure nature of mind, free of extremes and elaborations.
The "turning of the wheel of dharma" most commonly refers to the three turnings given by Buddha Shakyamuni. These were the teachings on the Four Noble Truths of suffering, the origin of suffering, the cessation of suffering and the path; the teachings on emptiness and Mahdyamika or the Great Middle Way, and the teachings on Buddha Nature or Tathagatagarbha.
In the United States, the main center of Yeshe Khorlo is Choying Dzong, a Nyingma Buddhist retreat and meditation center located in Crestone, Colorado.
In addition to the Crestone center, Yeshe Khorlo has regional sanghas in Los Angeles-CA, Austin-TX, Santa Fe-NM, Seattle-WA, Boulder-CO and Aspen-CO.
Yeshe Khorlo also has sister communities in:

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