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The organizational structure consists of an advisory board, and directors.

The Advisory Board consists of representatives of each of the groups who choose to participate in the Coalition. The board makes the final decisions on the partnership projects in which the Coalition engages, on the general categories of fund raising and financial disbursement, and on the staff positions and selections. At any meeting in which there are at least 50% of the members' representatives present, those representative are empowered to make final decisions on pending issues. The Advisory Board can also decide to seat an unaligned individual who shares BCBA's vision, values and mission. We ask that all members of BCBA act as liaisons to their Sanghas, but what we refer to as Sangha Liaisons are people who commit to an ongoing role as representatives of BCBA to their Sangha to encourage recruitment and provide a particular skill and/or service to BCBA.  Sangha Liaisons are not required to come to all board meetings and are not part of the voting quorum.

Please contact us to serve as a Board Member or Sangha Liaison.

Advisory Board Members:

Endorse the vision, values and mission of BCBA.

Work to achieve the Coalition goal to establish a Buddhist presence in the service sector of Boulder County.

Participate regularly in the Advisory Board in the following ways:

  • Commit to attend monthly meetings
  • Actively disseminate Coalition news and information through newsletters, email and social networks
  • Commit to expend effort to enroll volunteers from its community, families, friends and acquaintances for the service collaborations
  • Introduce the Bodhisattva curriculum to their sanghas and encourage its study in order to imbue their work with this vision
  • Contribute to coalition projects with time, skills, effort and contemplative focus


Representative Title Organization
Prescott Knock Executive Director Yeshe Khorlo
Alia Braley Treasurer Boulder Shambhala Center
Eileen Kay   Nalandabodhi
Trish Flaster   Nalandabodhi
Tania Leontov   Yeshe Khorlo, Boulder Shambhala Center
Tracy Steele   Boulder Shambhala Center
Kathy Gibson   Golden Bowl
Gillian Keiper   Nalandabodhi


Sangha Liaison
Amy Robertson   Dharma Sangha Boulder


The Executive Director role is always evolving. This position is currently held by Prescott Knock. It includes:

  • Networking on behalf of BCBA
  • Representing the Coalition on Restoring the Soul: Faith and Community Partnerships
  • Implementing board decisions
  • Working with the volunteers and human service agency partners
  • Overseeing communication to members and associates
  • Attending to administrative details

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