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Exciting New Partnership and New Services Offered on Website:

Hello BCBA!

 New Developments:

  • The new Inter-Faith Coalition for Food Sustainability (IFCFS), initiated by our Congressman Jared Polis, is inviting all local sanghas/congregations with gardens/farms to come together to share information and resources. Prescott Knock, Executive Director of BCBA, is on the steering committee of IFCFS. (see below)
  • Contemplative End-of-Life Project (CELP) is a grass-roots organization comprised of different ventures working together towards a contemplative based style of care and education for end of life issues. These ventures include Hospice Care, Home Care, Educational Forums, and an Organizational Steering Committee. (see below)
  • BCGreenProject: Reminder 25% off Wholesale Compostables Ends November 11, 2012 
    Discount with Eco-Products for BCGreenProject Members and Affiliates is Ending Soon! 
    Please place your orders now for your group and any other non-profit group affiliated with your organization within the continental U.S.A. 
    Help to encourage zero-waste and composting for your community! Contact prescottrk@hotmail.com

  • BCBA is still looking for computer tech volunteers -anyone with average experience will do -please contact us!


BCGreenProject- Join the Local Revolution to Transform Our Environment! (see below)
Inter-Faith Coalition for Food Sustainability (IFCFS):
Invitation to Congregations with Gardens/Farms-

Dear Sanghas/Congregations of the Front Range Bioregion:

The Inter-Faith Coalition for Food Sustainability (IFCFS) (initiated by our congressman Jared Polis) is on its way and rolling with its first project to bring together all local sanghas/congregations in the Front Range area with gardens/farms to acknowledge one another and create a centralized communication hub to be able to share information and resources. This will consist of meetings, group discussions and social media to bring us together.

This group is interested in sharing collective gardening/farming wisdom, issues, information, resources and methods of the common bioregion we all share.  All spiritual/faith traditions regard gardening/farming as a deeply spiritual activity. We are curious to know more about how your tradition informs your relationship with our Earth.
 IFCFS is interested in all issues pertaining to food sustainability. Let’s discuss what's important to you. 

We would like to extend this invitation to all local congregations with gardens/farms. Do you know of other congregations with gardens/farms? Please help us in this process of discovering who is tending the soil by letting us know who else might be interested in this project.

Please contact us by Tues, July 24, 2012 to let us know your interest in sharing information and resources with other local congregations and learn more.
Christine Berg
Community Outreach Manager
Office of the Honorable Jared Polis
office:             303-568-9007            

We look forward to hearing from you soon and meeting with your congregation, Thank You-
Prescott Knock
Executive Director, Buddhist Coalition
Sponsored by:
Contemplative End-Of-Life Project
Introduction of the CELP Steering Committee:
Thank you to everyone who has offered their wisdom, expertise and time to the CELP Steering Committee -what a blessing to have such talented people working together on this sacred vision!
The CELP Steering Committee is !
Renee Athay reneeathay@mac.com
Chad Bennett gladchad@gmail.com
Leigh Collings leighc@q.com
BrightHeart Headricks mtsutra@gmail.com
Prescott Knock prescottrk@hotmail.com
Sue Kranzdorf sue@herodragon.com
Carole Lindroos carolelindroos@gmail.com
Deborah Luscomb dfluscomb@gmail.com
Laurita Mechy lj.mechy@gmail.com
Jyoti Sharp jyoti@windhorsecare.com
Talia Spencer tashanatalia@comcast.net
David Wright dvdryt@gmail.com

Report on the CELP SC:
The CELP SC has had a couple meetings in which we've had a pleasant mixture of business and time to get to know one another better. The group is ready to further focus and set up: organizational committees, streamline our leadership, identify forum curricula, finalize our Vision Statement, and define our Project Charter.

We will keep you informed of our progress and when the next CELP Forum Meeting will be held. We are looking forward to sharing with you what we have created thus far and welcome your participation in the CELP vision. Please continue to tell people about the CELP. To subscribe to this eNewsletter send requests to prescottrk@hotmail.com

Report on the Autumnal Equinox Celebration:
This was a celebration open to everyone to reflect on the CELP vision during this time of year, and have some time to get to know one another better. This was also a time to mark the transformation of the group into its next phase with the formulation of the CELP Steering Committee.

Zenko Iba was a beautiful setting for this celebration. Shibata Sensei's opening ceremony was a welcome contemplative beginning for the evening. Carolyn's dramatic kyudo exhibition was a powerful ritual of meditative preciseness that brought a sharp clarity to the evening. Sensei expressed wishes that the evenings ceremonies were blessings of peace and perseverance for CELP -auspicious contemplative reminders for the year to come!

The potluck offerings were delicious as we discussed organizational issues, communication gathering, forum ideas, etc.

Vision Statement (in progress): The Contemplative End -of-Life Project honors the sacredness and individuality of the living and dying process and will strive to offer all services to anyone interested, regardless of religion, race or economic status, from a ground of complete openness and appreciation recognizing that all work is meditation in action and an opportunity to be of benefit.

Name Expansion: We have expanded the name of the organization to the "Contemplative End-of-Life Project" (CELP) in order to reflect the larger scope of the project, which is the container and communication center to support many interconnected groups working toward the collective vision expressed above. These interconnected groups include: Hospice, Home Care, Forums, Education and both non-profit and for-profit business models working together.

Volunteering: We need a Tech Support person to help with website and this eNewsletter- just average computer skills are needed!
To volunteer please contact:


Thank you. We look forward to working with you to bring our vision to fruition for the benefit of all beings!

With Love, The CELP Steering Committee~

Buddha’s Birthday Bash 2012!
Thank you so much to all who helped make BBB 2012! such a great event!
The amazing offerings included:
  • A beautiful flower adorned Hanamido Shrine and Bathing of the Baby Buddha Ceremony lead by Rev. Carol O'Dowd of the Longmont Buddhist Temple.
  • A wonderful shrine set-up by Lama Karma of Drukpa Mila Center as well as a dramatic Bhutanese Fire Dance of Purification.
  • Archibald Reginald Po (aka David Ortolano of the Boulder Int'l Fringe Fest) offered a lighthearted poke at the days activities in full clown attire.
  • Lesely Switendick (who offers a Buddhist Sunday School) presented crafts for all ages of kids.
  • Olga Sena offered face painting and massage.
  • Everyone offered such delicious potluck dishes.
  • Traditional outfits were appreciated by all.
  • This year's Buddha's Birthday Cake was a depiction of the first 7 steps of the Buddha, manifesting lotuses -in this case cakes.
  • Kanjurao Shibata Sensei XX and Carolyn Kanjuro of Zenko Iba addressed the crowd discussing the meditative art of kyudo (archery). Students of Sensei demonstrated this dramatic art with the backdrop of lightening over the Flatirons in the background.
  • Julia Misawa and the Boulder Taiko HIBIKI gave a powerful performance of drums, singing, flute and pantomime that shook the ground and filled the park.
  • Videography of the event offered by John Decker of SidewaysEYE -link below
Boulder Taiko Hibiki: Sakura Day 2012+ More Info
BCBA is happy that so many of you enjoyed this multi-cultural and social aspect of our organization.  We hope that this festival will encourage you to look deeper into the many other projects, services, resources and information BCBA offers!
A prime mission of BCBA is to provide for the local Buddhist community a central information hub and act as a conduit for resources and an organized coalition ready to help develop and support community projects and concerns.
Please think of BCBA when you wish to create a community outreach project, or need help finding a new sangha center, website help etc. Consider us your action committee, already organized to help co-create what you need -with a long list of resources.
With over 45 sanghas in Boulder County we feel its time for us all to recognize our potential to work together for positive local change and enact the Bodhisattva ideal together in our community! Recognition of our interdependant nature is a central concept in Buddhism -so lets enact this teaching where we live.
BCBA is concerned that not enough sanghas and individuals are aware yet of the tremendous resources that BCBA has to help you, your sangha, and the community. Please see "Achievements of BCBA and Our Partners in 2011" -scroll down below.
Please contact us to create change in your community with whatever your passion is!
Recent Project Examples:
The BCGreenProject- is offering free programs to help your sangha become more environmentally sustainable and energy efficient -saving your sangha lots of money and helping the environment we share.  We wonder why haven't more sanghas taken advantage of our special deal with Eco-Products to save 25% off wholesale prices on compostable products --such as those used at BBB 2012?!
For more BCGreenProject info -scroll down below.
To hear our KGNU radio show which was a discussion with BCGreenProject partners click here-->
BCBA is also working with our congressman Jared Polis to address food justice issues, such as GMO labeling.  Aren't there any Buddhists in Boulder County concerned about GMOs? We haven't heard from you yet? 
You are invited to listen to:
KGNU 88.5 FM Live Audience Radio Show:
Partnership and Sustainability”]
Click on link above
which was aired Thur. April 26th at 8:30am on KGNU 88.5FM5FM5555FM99lFMlfmmNNMMM 
Live Recording of the Restoring the Soul Forum featuring partners of the-
 Buddhist Coalition Green Project
This radio show discussed the benefits of partnership within the diverse social service and faith communities of Boulder County for the purpose of greater environmental sustainability. This is a call to action and an invitation for all faith communities to get connected and share resources. The Buddhist Coalition is spearheading this BCGreenProject campaign with the help of our generous partners and affiliates. For more info please see Restoring the Soul, [Link]
Featured Panelists:
Prescott Knock: Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Buddhist Coalition (BCBA) www.buddhistcoalition.org
To Discuss: Prescott will present the BCGreenProject and the benefits of local partnership for environmental sustainability.
Leigh Cushing: Community Campaigns Coordinator at Eco-Cycle www.ecocycle.org
Leigh Cushing manages Eco-Cycle’s outreach activities throughout Boulder County, including mobilizing Eco-Leader volunteers, engaging and educating the public, speaking on Zero Waste and related topics, and providing Zero Waste services at community events.
To Discuss: Partnership with BCGreenProject, Partnership within the local environmentally-focused community, New recycling endeavors.
Rabbi Mark Soloway: Rabbi of Bonai Shalom, Boulder www.bonaishalom.org
Rabbi Soloway has been with Congregation Bonai Shalom since August 2004, just a few months after his ordination from The Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies at the University of Judaism in Los Angeles.  Rabbi Marc's studies were also in his native London and Jerusalem.
To Discuss: Environmental partnership within the local Jewish community particularly of Tuv Ha'Aretz  which is a partnership of three congregations, Helpful tips for other congregations wishing to partner.
Randy Bates: Project Director and Energy Efficiency Consultant of Sustainable Ideas Consulting www.ableideas.net
Randy Bates specialties include, providing comfort, health and efficiency solutions to the residential housing market. RESNET Energy Rater, B.P.I. Building Analyst, IRCS&T Thermographer-Level 1, Energy Star v3.To Discuss: partnership with BCGreenProject,  Partnership within the local environmentally-focused community, Energy efficiency.
BCGreenProject Sponsors: 
Restoring the Soul: www.restoringthesoul.org 
Tuv Ha' Aretz: www.bonaishalom.org 
Sustainable Ideas Consulting www.ableideas.com 
BCGreenProject Supporters:
Sunflower Farmers Market Boulder: www.sunflowermarkets.com
ReSource Tool Library
Mc Guckin Hardware Boulder www.mcguckin.com
 CowGirl Skin Care www.cowgirlenterprises.com
Additional Green Information Mentioned in the Broadcast:
Eco-Products, Boulder business producing compostable products www.ecoproductsstore.com
Red Wagon Organic Farm (provided amazing cooked parsnips for the forum!): www.redwagonorganicfarm.com
Boulder Recycling Guide: www.ecocycle.org/newsletters/index.cfm
Get Rid of Stuff Eco-Cycle exchange: www.ecocycleexchange.org
Compostable Organics Out of landfills by 2012: www.cool2012.com

what is the...?
Buddhist Coalition Green Project

As Buddhist practitioners, we believe that our actions must flow from our aspiration to benefit all sentient beings and safeguard our mother Earth and that this positive change in our societies must begin with ourselves first…
-His Holiness, the 17th Karmapa
[17th Karmapa's Environmental Guidelines]
The Buddhist Coalition Green Project is a collaborative environmental endeavor between many local social service organizations, businesses, Buddhist sanghas and diverse faith congregations, who are interested in making a positive impact on our environment as a group effort. Our focus includes:
  • Sustainable Methods Every Sangha/Congregation and Individual Can Implement.
  • Energy Efficiency Through: Free Energy Assessments, Lectures, Eco-Action Lists.
  • End the Use of Disposable Plastic Products Used for Events and Transition to 100% Corn Compostable Eco-Products -with 25% off wholesale discounts.
  • Demonstrations and Lectures: How to Compost, Energy Efficiency, The Benefits of Partnership, etc. 
An Invitation to Sanghas/Congregations of All Traditions to Join Together to Transform Our Local Environment!
The Buddhist Coalition (BCBA) believes in the interdependence of all life and that it’s time we recognize the change we can affect together as a coalition of sanghas/congregations, to enact the crucial transformation of the environment where we live regardless of ideology. This is an opportunity to work with others from different traditions on local environmental issues that affect us all.
Residents of Colorado may think they are environmentally aware and eco-friendly, but unfortunately Colorado is below the national average in recycling and waste per person per day.
Coloradoans recycled 19.6% of our discards in 2008. Excluding scrap metal recycling, our recycling rate drops to 9.3%. We sent 6.8 million tons to landfills for disposal. We generated an average of 8.5 pounds of discarded materials per person per day, far above the national average of 4.5 pounds. Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, 2010. Annual Municipal Solid Waste Recycling and Diversion Totals.
Sustainable Ideas Consulting:
Sustainable Ideas Consulting www.ableideas.net is a professional consulting firm that is working with BCBA to offer free energy assessments to sangha/congregation centers to inspire a more “green” local consciousness. Assessments include: blower door test, infrared camera scans, detailed evaluation of building and a detailed report showing projected savings and suggestions of materials to use to increase energy savings. Many sanghas/congregations rent their centers so this service can be offered to landlords as a free benefit.  This sort of assessment brings awareness to the reality of the energy efficiency of the building. This is a $300-$600 value. Limited availability, contact us soon to sign-up.
Please see an example of an Energy Assessment Case Study Performed for Nalandabodhi Boulder by Sustainable Ideas Consulting here:
Sustainable Ideas Consulting- Buddhist Energy Efficiency Project:  www.ableideas.net/BEEP.html
Eco-Products Boulder:
Eco-Products www.ecoproducts.com is very generously providing a 25% discount off of their wholesale compostable products to all BCBA members/affiliates. This is nearly the cost of production and is offered to promote the BCGreenProject. Together we can end the use of all disposable plastic products used for gatherings and transition to 100% corn compostable products. Amazingly you are now able to purchase compostables below the cost of plastic products! There are no longer any excuses to continue buying polluting plastics! BCBA will provide education on composting.
Eco-Cycle Boulder Resources:
Eco-Cycle ecocycle.org is working with BCBA and Eco-Products in anticipation of our bulk discount buying of compostable products. We are in partnership from the production, to the distribution, to the clean-up, to the composting to help bring all partners in the BCGreenProject toward zero waste! Eco-cycle will help to provide composting education.
Stop Junk Mail:
(Usually a $20 service, Eco-Cycle has subsidized this service for Boulder County)
Individuals who register on the BCBA website (by providing contact info –for communication purposes) will be given the free Stop Junk Mail information for your mailing address. Imagine the impact if each address in Boulder County enacts this free service!
More than 100 billion pieces of junk mail are delivered in the United States each year, which comes out to 848 pieces per household. The production, distribution and disposal of all that junk mail creates over 51 million metric tons of greenhouses gases annually, the equivalent emissions of more than 9.3 million cars. ForestEthics, 2008. Climate Change Enclosed: Junk Mail’s Impact on Global Warming.
BCGreenProject Sponsors:
Eco-Products Boulder www.ecoproducts.com 
Eco-Cycle Boulder www.ecocycle.org
Sustainable Ideas Consulting www.ableideas.com 
BCGreenProject Supporters:


Sunflower Farmers Market Boulder www.sunflowermarkets.com
Mc Guckin Hardware Boulder www.mcguckin.com
CowGirl Skin Care www.cowgirlenterprises.com
Real Goods Solar www.realgoodssolar.com
For More Info Contact:
Questions: Prescott Knock prescottrk@hotmail.com
Volunteer and/or Sign-Up for Energy Assessment: Gillian Keiper gillianchi@q.com
Register for our free services at www.buddhistcoalition.org
See the “BCBA Registration” box.
Non Buddhist groups will be listed as “Affiliates”
BCBA Really Needs More Volunteers and More Representation On Our Board of Directors
If you believe in the mission and projects of the Buddhist Coalition please join us!
Participation on the board is a great way to learn non-profit management, boost your resume, and gain work experience while transforming your community.
Volunteers Needed: Practice contemplative service with others in the community! Put your compassion into action!
Sangha Representation -we need more diversity-please represent your tradition. Contact Us to Become a Board Member or Liaison
Volunteers needed for BBB 2012! -see committees listed below-
Tech Manager for BCBA to help Prescott with website and social media
Volunteers needed to help our Volunteer Manager Gillian Keiper
Community Table- serve meals to those in need every 4th Fri of the month
BCBA Presentations to Sanghas- We would like to present our BCGreenProject to your sangha. Listed below are just the bullet points; we have a very comprehensive environmental program put together. We are also offering to present the services of BCBA at one of your sangha meetings and demonstrate how to post your events and sitting schedules on our Multi-Sangha calendar. Please contact us to make this happen.
BCBA is concerned that not all sanghas have posted their contact info. See "BCBA Registration" box to the right -->
Join BCBA in a New Year's Resolution 2012:
Let's Collaborate!
BCBA is About- Strengthening Communication Within the Local Buddhist Community, and Working Together on Community Projects to Transform our Lives:
2011 was an important year for revolution, as the Arab Spring movement influenced revolutions all over the world including the "Occupy Movement" in America.
There is a grass-roots revolution underway right here in Boulder,Colorado which is bringing together a diversity of organizations in partnership to transform our community!
BCBA recognizes the amazing potential of Boulder County as one of the largest Buddhist communities in N. America! Did you know there are approximately 45 sanghas in Boulder County? Let's work together!
Please see the list below of the many ways BCBA has partnered with other organizations to transform our community -we hope you are inspired to join in!
BCBA believes in the inter-dependance of all life. It's time we put our differences aside and work together on projects common to us all, such as environmental sustainability.  BCBA believes in the community strengthening power of partnership projects which bring together a diversity of organizations (representing different spiritual traditions) to work together on community issues and the environment we all share -strength in diversity. 
Partnership between organizations saves time and resources. Let's not all re-invent the wheel -Please partner with BCBA to help your organization create your community outreach/engagement programs.  BCBA has tremendous resources, let us know what projects you'd like to create!
Achievements of BCBA and Our Partners in 2011 (selected list)
Every 2nd Wed and 4th Fri: BCBA provided the volunteer force to provide over 1600 meals for those in need in 2011: In partnership with: BridgeHouse/Community Table, Community Food Share, St. John's Episcopal Church, Mtn. View United Methodist Church, Nalandabodhi-BodhiHeart, Shambhala Center Boulder, community volunteers and prominent local chefs.
May: 4 Day Conference: "Compassion and Acceptance: Spirituality in Recovery from Mental Illness" with the Rev. Jana Drakka Buddhist Monk. Project initiated by Interfaith Network on Mental Illness (INMI). BCBA was instrumental in the organizing of this very succesful endeavor, including: KGNU radio show, Workshop: Skills for Clinicians and Professionals Working with Most Challenging Clients". Please don't miss link for details of event and list of partners: www.buddhistcoalition.org/caa
May: "Aging Well in Lyons: Community, Connections & Resources". Project initiated by Restoring the Soul. BCBA was instrumental in the organization of this initiative to serve the aging community of the Town of Lyons and is continuing to help the expansion of services. Partners include Congressman Jared Polis and Senator Jeanne Nicholson. Please see link for details and list of partners:
June: Buddha's Birthday Bash 2011! Multi-Sangha Get-Together + Potluck Picnic
An opportunity to share the unique and common ways we celebrate the Buddha's birthday with song, dance, food, meditation and ritual. 14 sanghas participated! Let's have all sanghas of Boulder County participate in 2012. Contact BCBA soon to reserve for June 2nd 2012.
July: Buddhism for Americans: A Dialogue on Buddhist Practices in the U.S. This was a project of the Longmont Buddhist Temple and Prairie Mtn. Zen Center in which BCBA helped and showcased. Very successful dialogue, with much interest for more.
Dec: Buddhist Coalition Green Project: See above for more info.
Contact BCBA to join in, we need people with experience in: composting, permaculture, environmental sustainability, energy efficiency, gardening, etc. or just the curiosity to learn more. 
Thank You to All our Community Partners in 2011
BCBA believes in the power of working together on common community projects to unite the diversity of organizations (representing various spiritual traditions) and develop mutual respect for one another. We thank you very much for your inspired ideas, organizational skills and raw volunteer work-power. We look forward to continuing our partnerships in 2012!
Buddhist Sanghas:
Dharma Sangha Boulder, Drukpa Mila Center, Goldeen Bowl Sangha, Green Tara Meditation Group, Longmont Buddhist Temple, Mountain Stream Sangha, Prairie Mountain Zen Center, Nalandabodhi Boulder, Rangjung Yeshe Boulder, Rigpa Boulder, Shambhala Center Boulder, University Zen Center, Yeshe Khorlo Boulder.
There are many sanghas we have not heard from, please contact us ASAP!
Christian Congregations:
Boulder Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Cornerstone Church, First Congregational Church, First United Methodist Church, Mtn. View United Methodist Church, The River Community Church Lyons, St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, St. John's Episcopal Church, St. John the Baptist Church Longmont, United Church of Christ.
Jewish Congregations:
Bonai Shalom, Har Hashem.
Social Service Organizations:
Boulder County Aging Services, Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow, Bridge House, CareConnect of Boulder County, Circle of Care, Colorado University of Boulder, FOCUS, Growing Gardens, Hospice Care of Boulder and Broomfield CO., I Have a Dream Foundation, Interfaith Network on Mental Illness, Jana Drakka Community Services, Lyons Dept. of Parks Recreation and Cultural Events, Naropa University, National Alliance on Mental Illness, Reading to End Racism, Restoring the Soul: Community Partnerships, Rocky Mtn. Peace and Justice Center, The Collaborative Community, Town of Lyons, United Religions Initiative, Windhorse Community Services.
I hope we have not overlooked any of our partners of 2011.
With Deep Respect We Thank You!
-The Buddhist Coalition for Bodhisattva Activity
Volunteers Needed: (Practice contemplative service with others in the community! Put your compassion into action!)
  • BCBA Needs More Sangha Representation. Please Contact Us to Become a Board Member or Liaison
  • Volunteers needed for BBB 2012! -see committees listed above-
  • Tech Manager for BCBA to help Prescott with website and social media
  • Volunteers to help our Volunteer Manager Gillian Keiper
  • Community Table- serve meals to those in need every 4th Fri of the month
BCBA Relies on the Generous Bodhisattva Activity of Our Volunteers.
~We Need to Hear From You to Continue~
Please Join Us in the Transformation of Your Community!

Half-Day Naikan Retreat: Reflect and Renew

Saturday, June 18, 2011  8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Longmont Buddhist Temple Pike Road and S. Main Street (Hwy 287)

Naikan is a Japanese word which means “inside looking” or “introspection”. A more poetic translation is “seeing oneself with the mind’s eye

Rev. Carol O’Dowd will guide us in the practices of inner reflection to find the extraordinary in the ordinary. Spend a Saturday morning connecting and/or reconnecting through an exploration of relationships in life. Take a fresh start. Learn inner reflection techniques to help you experience gratitude in the midst of difficult times. Participate in this interactive retreat using evidence based practices to:

 Briefly review development of reflection and gratitude as a personal practice

Discuss how to use inner reflection in daily life

Practice reflection techniques to change patterns in difficult relations

Engage in a group discussion and sharing of gratitude

Take home exercise sheets for personal use

Rev. Carol O’Dowd has taught mindfulness and led meditation retreat for the past seven years. She is certified in Japanese Psychology and is active in the Colorado Association of Psychotherapists. She has a Masteres of Divinity from Naropa University and a Masters in Public Administration from Florida State University.


RETREAT COST: $30 per person for the general public and $20 for LBT members.

Please mail check to: LBT, 2691 Beech Circle, Longmont, CO 80501.
Or reserve your space by e-mailing: Name, Address, E-mail to Rev. O’Dowd at carol@carolodowd.com

Registration includes tea, coffee and delicious snacks.

PLEASE pre-register because we are creating separate reflection areas for each participant.


Naikan is the reflective practice that will be presented during the Buddhist Coalition's participation in Celestial Seasonings B Strong Ride August 13, 2011 for Cancer Patients and their families.  If you are planning to participate Aug. 13th, this is one opportunity to learn this practice.



Buddhism for Americans: A Dialogue on Buddhist Practices in the U.S.

Saturday July 23, 2011 8:45am to 12:30pm
Hosted by Longmont Buddhist Temple

Corner of Pike and Main Street (Hwy 287)

The Buddhist Coalition is proud to showcase an Inter-Buddhist discussion of how different Buddhist practices are changing to meet the needs of Americans. This event is an opportunity to learn more about various forms of Buddhism practiced in Longmont.
May this event promote greater understanding of the diverse forms of Buddhism!

This is a unique opportunity to hear from Socho Koshin Ogui, who will represent Jodo Shinshu as the director of the Buddhist Churches of America.

Teachers will represent and discuss perspectives from their Buddhist traditions, including: Jodo Shinshu, Vajrayana and Zen.

Join in a dialogue with Longmont Buddhist Leaders and the Socho (Bishop) of the Buddhist Churches of America. Experience a sample of traditional and modern Buddhist practices.


SOCHO KOSHIN OGUI: Buddhist Churches of America, San Francisco,CA
and author of Zen-Shin Talks

CLIFF CLUSIN: Director, The Meditation Place and founder,
Prairie Mountain Zen Center, Longmont, CO

JANET SOLYNTJES: Shambhala International; Senior Teacher,
Longmont Shambhala Group

LAMA KARMA NAMGYEL: Drukpa Mila Center, Longmont, CO

Rev. Carol O’Dowd, Longmont Buddhist Temple

Please let us know if you plan to attend so that we can provide enough tea and handouts for all attendees. Thank you.
RSVP to: carol@carolodowd.com

Aging Well in Lyons Conference is This Saturday 14th

The Lyons RecorderThe Lyons Recorder Newspaper Article


Aging Well in Lyons Conference is This Saturday 14th

-by Prescott Knock


Buddha's Birthday Bash

Multi-Sangha Get-Together + Potluck Picnic 

Buddha's Birthday Bash

June 4th 2011   10am – 1:30 pm

North Boulder Park, 9th & Dellwood (at the shelter)

RSVP Sign-Up on the Socializr Link Below Please


~Celebrate the Buddha’s Birthday~ 
Enjoy diverse traditions from many Sanghas!

Let’s share both the unique and common ways that we celebrate the Buddha's birthday with song, dance, food, meditation, and ritual.

10:00am        Arrival, Blessing Ceremony, and Picnic Set Up
(If you are a Sangha setting up an Info table, please arrive early to have everything set up before the dancing begins at 10:30)

10:30am   Bhutanese Temple Dancing (Drukpa Mila Center Dancers)

11:00am   Welcome and Intro of BCBA ,  

                  Introduce their Sangha and acknowledge community
                        (3min. Intros please)

                 Incense Offerings and Group Chant
                  (lead by Lama Karma of Drukpa Mila Center)

                       Bathing of the Buddha with sweet tea Ceremony
                  (lead by Rev. Carol O'Dowd of Longmont Buddhist Temple)

Noon        Japanese Obon Dancing (group activity lead by Longmont Buddhist Temple)

12:20pm   Blessing of Food and Group Chant (lead by Rev. Carol O'Dowd)

                       Buddha’s Birthday Cake! (cutting of the cake -Sing Happy Birthday to Buddha!)

                 Potluck Picnic Lunch -Serve Yourself 
                 (buffet service on side tables -eat at tables or on your picnic blankets)

1:15pm     Closing Aspirations and Song (lead by Trish Flaster of Nalandabodhi)

                       Group Bow

Bring: Potluck Dish to Share -Please Label, Serving Utensils, Drinks, Picnic Blanket, Info-Table (card table) for Your Sangha, Sangha Brochures, Books. Provide Any Special Needs for Your Teachers.

We will provide: Rice, Water, Ice Tea, Birthday Cake, Compostable Utensils, Cups Bowls plates Napkins, and Lots of Fun!

~ Wear Traditional Dress Representing Your Tradition, if you like~

This is an Opportunity to Introduce Your Sangha to the Community. 
Set Up an Info-Table about Your Sangha.  Invite Your Teachers.

Learn about Buddhism in Boulder County. 

Free Public Event Open to All.

RSVP SIGN-UP by Clicking Below:

Event: Buddha's Birthday Bash
Hosted by: Buddhist Coalition for Bodhisattva Activity
When: Jun 4, 2011, 10:00 AM to 1:30 PM
Location: North Boulder Park
  9th & Dellwood, Boulder, CO


"Vesak Day sometimes called Saka Dawa Day or Buddha's birthday, is an extremely important occasion because the recollection of Buddha is one of the most powerful practices. What that means to me is to remember and connect with Buddha Shakaymuni's life teachings. Therefore, Vesak day is not only Buddha's birthday, but also Buddha's enlightenment, parinirvana, and the most important teaching of his life. I am very happy that BCBA is bringing our community together. I believe this is is like planting a seed that will grow into a Boulder tradition.
I fully support, and in my heart will be with you even though not physically. I request all Buddhist practitioners to be present physically or mentally"

-Lama Tenpa, Nalandabodhi Boulder

Thank you to BCBA for creating an opportunity to celebrate the many faces of Buddhism in Boulder County. Hope to see you there.
-Reverend Carol O'Dowd, Longmont Buddhist Temple

On my behalf and that of the Drukpa Mila Center, I am pleased to endorse the upcoming Buddha’s Birthday Bash festival and its organizers, the Buddhist Coalition for Bodhisattva Activity. I believe such work and occasions are fundamental to the practice of Buddha Dharma, in that they help foster the lively spirit of cooperation and collaboration which is essential to our many Sanghas and the broader community as well. In the joy of the Buddha,
-Ven. Lama Karma Namgyal, Drukpa Mila Center

Special gift to participants by Rare Earth Scrolls at the event-   www.rareearthscrolls.com

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